Product Info

The Syspeace Realtime Blocklist includes the most active offenders in near real time amongst the more than 100 million blocked intrusion attempts targeted against our customers.

Technical information

From a technical perspective is Syspeace Realtime Blocklist an IPaaS platform that allows firewalls to download a list of IP addresses.

These IP addresses represent public IP addresses that repeatedly have tried to brute force their way into many companies' computers and systems over a long time.

Thanks to Syspeace Endpoint Protection, these organizations have had their servers protected in real-time and contributed the information of being attacked, which every hour is compiled to this global blocklist.

License information

There is one license option available.

  • Includes all IP-addresses of active hacking offenders
  • Includes Priority support
  • Includes startup help
  • API Available

Payments are done via invoicing. Contact for more information.

Test a mockup list

To demonstrate how our product works, we have created a test list. The principle is the same as the real blocklist but with non-threatening IP addresses in the interval– These are reserved IP addresses in the TEST-NET-2 address block used for testing and documentation. Feel free to check it out!

Check if our product is compatible with your firewall

  • Create a new item that takes a list of IP addresses from an URL
  • Paste in the test list URL in the setup. You can switch out the format parameter from text (txt) to JSON (json) if needed
  • Use the list item in a new block rule
  • If the block rule receives the IP addresses and there are no errors, the Syspeace Realtime Blocklist Service should work for you

Support and questions

Please send questions to


Here you can find answers to the most common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask us!

Our Product

This is our latest product within the Syspeace family. Its main purpose is to secure access on the corporate firewall level by blocking known offenders through a near real-time updated global blocklist that is downloaded to a firewall.

Syspeace Realtime Blocklist is a method to protect all your computers behind a corporate firewall. The Syspeace product found on is an endpoint protection product that stops hacking and brute force attacks on Windows servers.

It is free to create an account and by that, you will get a free trial of the Enterprise license that is valid for 30 days.
After the free trial has expired, you need to purchase a license if you want to continue to use the product.

Please contact for more details.

Syspeace Realtime Blocklist lowers the risk of getting infected by ransomware, viruses, and malware. It prevents known hackers, private and state-owned, from accessing your services and computers behind the firewall.

Potential Threats

Hacking is a common way to inject a system with ransomware, viruses, and malware. Syspeace Realtime Blocklist defends against brute force and hacking attacks from sources known to engage in that kind of activity.

Download our white paper and read about the cost of being hacked under the headline ROI Calculation.

Gain knowledge of live hacking activities that are being blocked right now by visiting This map shows how Syspeace in real-time mitigates hacking attempts.

Many organizations have a hard time finding out that they are being hacked. The hackers are "flying under the radar" by using time to their advantage.

It is not uncommon that hackers spend many months in a low-energy state, trying to work their way into systems and not trigger any alarms with patience as their primary weapon. Sometimes they are in a hurry, and that is when you have a fair chance to catch them.

Read more about how ransomware has evolved here.

Firewall Integration

As long as the firewall can download a list of IP addresses and use that list in a rule that will block those addresses, the firewall ought to work with our service.

There are many firewalls on the market and we do not have the possibility to be experts or even have deep knowledge on all of them. There is usually great competence in communities and support from the companies that delivered the firewall.

You are always free to send us a mail to and we will do the best to guide you.

Blocklist Usage

You will always get the complete list of IP addresses which includes the most active offenders in near real-time amongst the more than 100 million blocked intrusion attempts targeted against our customers.

We recommend downloading the blocklist every ten minutes, as this is the interval that the list is automatically updated.

No, not yet. We will implement throttling only if we need to.


Our priority is to have satisfied customers. We always refund the complete purchase up to one week after the date of purchase without any questions asked.

However, we would be delighted if you could tell us why you were not satisfied with our product so that we can improve it.

Contact support and we will help you with this concern. If you are an active customer, you can add your IP address to your custom Safelist on the My Lists page, and it will not be included in your own blocklist.

Send your question to and we will be back shortly.