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Protect your servers against hacking attacks

Syspeace is proud to launch Syspeace Realtime Blocklist – an Intrusion-Prevention-as-a-service (IPaaS) product that blocks known offenders at the datacenter firewall level, thus giving you enhanced protection against hacking attempts and thereby deployment of ransomware, malware and viruses.

How do I benefit from Syspeace Realtime Blocklist?

Syspeace Realtime Blocklist is a Global Blocklist Subscription that helps you block known offenders at the datacenter firewall or endpoint level.

  • Enhanced protection against hacking attempts. Just download into your firewalls or custom software, giving all your computers and systems behind them increased protection against malicious hacking attempts.
  • Real-time protection with real-time updates. Get updates every hour, every day of the week, giving near real-time protection to all devices behind firewalls that subscribe to the Global Blocklist.
  • Heightened defense against ransomware, viruses, and malware. Prevent ransomware, viruses, and malware from being deployed via hacking.
  • Easy and efficient administration. Instant delivery and download/access. One license to cover all your endpoints. Free customer service. Free updates and no additional or hidden costs.

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